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(9/19/2019) New Website, Advertisements, Graphics, Social Media, and Staff Updates!

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Hey everyone,

The staff team I all hope you're all enjoying the server so far. Let us know if you are or aren't below! With that being said, we have a few big announcements.

Upcoming Advertisements
Pretty soon, we will begin advertising the server more. This will mean a larger stream of players coming in, so time to get your towns ready!

Website & Store
A few weeks ago, we began to roll out the new website and matching store. This allows us to have a news page, as well as the ability to link your Discord to the website. This allows for smooth transition with website donator perks when we roll those out. We are still working on some features, and likewise, there may be some bugs, although everything seems to be working fine. If you notice anything odd, see see something you like, or want a feature added, please let us know!

New Graphics...

TownyTeams Discord