Hey guys,

As promised, the huge skyblock update is upon us, a new age for the skyblock community on Flame.

New features planned for the reset:
  • Island leaderboards
  • Knockback sticks for the PVP Arena
  • 200 blocks of island protection
  • Max teams of 10 players
  • New island templates
  • More blocks in the shop
  • New shop via a GUI. No more wasting time at /warp shop and then having to go back to your island.
  • Exclusive: /SELL
  • Much, much more!
What is going to reset specifically?
  • Inventories/Enderchests
  • Vaults
  • mcMMO
  • Money
  • Islands
If something wasn't on the list, that means it will NOT be reset!

Reset Date: Saturday, September 24th at 1:00 PM EST

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please reply to this post!
Hey guys,
This time we've revised arena 3 into a new arena 1, available at /warp arena. We added the following things from original arena 3.

  • Added rivers
  • Stabilized details
  • Secured barriers
  • Added more :)
  • Removed :(
If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please comment below!
Hey guys,
Our current host has been having horrible packet loss & drops for some of you, so we've decided to move to a better one, based on the East Coast. This will come with a custom frontend on top of this, so we'll have 3 PoPs which will allow for lower latency around the world. Locations for the PoPs are US West Coast, US East Coast, and Amsterdam, Netherlands for Europe and the Middle East.

To move all of the servers, we'll take them down 1 by 1 and move them. This should only take 2 hours to finalize everything.

Date: Tuesday, September 13th at 3:00 PM EST.

td;lr move is to improve ping and network stability to ensure we keep as close to 100% uptime as possible.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please comment them below.
Hey guys,
On all servers, scamming is now prohibited, meaning it's no longer allowed on all servers. Please take note that we still do not cover scamming outside the server, ex: you pay someone (third party, not us) $10 via PayPal for an iron golem spawner on skyblock and they scam you. We are not responsible for these types of scams as they are outside the server.
Hey guys,
In order to make Flame's rules and OreCraft's rules more alike, we've made the following changes.

General Rule Changes
  • Max amount of caps per message is 8.
  • Removed the tp killing rule. If you don't trust someone, don't accept the teleport request!
  • Removed any type of no scamming rule. If you don't trust someone, don't do business with them unless automated by a plugin such as the auctions.
  • Teleport traps are now prohibited.
  • Character spam is prohibited. For those of you that don't know, that's when you type something along the lines of asdasdsajhdasdahsdad in chat. It's essentially just a random assortment of letters, numbers, signs, or a combination of all of those.
  • Discussion of religion or politics is now prohibited.
Be sure to recheck /rules on every server that you play on as there were other changes, mainly shortened, more simpler rules.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reply below!
Hey guys,
We've finished the discord server for the public. This time we've got a full list of rules and all servers added, so this is mainly just an invite for the new players coming over from orecraft.

Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/0lYewfW7rY3m8v8b

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about Flame Network's public discord, please ask!
Hey guys,
The following updates have been done to OPFactions.
  • Sponges now absorb lava.
  • Cannons are fixed.
  • 1.7 cannons have returned.
  • New custom enchants; the system for this is explained below.
  • Higher cap on the spawner throttle
FlameCEnchants features several features, including the following.
  • 70 custom enchantments
  • Level stacking
  • Friendly to use GUI
  • Tinkerer as found on other major factions networks
These enchantments can be acquired by the following.
  • Mob drops
  • GUI shop with in-game money
  • Enchanter (available by doing /enchanter). This costs XP and in-game money
  • Sign shops (yet to be setup)
Custom enchantments & what they do
Sword Enchant
When attacking another player you have a chance of gaining some of your health back
Maximum level: III

Sword Enchant
Has a chance of inflicting a poison effect on your victim
Maximum level: III

Kill Confirm
Sword Enchant
A chance of your victim dropping their head on death
Maximum level: III

Sword Enchant
A chance of inflicting blindness on your victim
Maximum level: III

Boot Enchant
Gives you infinite jump boost
Maximum level: III

Boot Enchant
Gives you infinite speed boost
Maximum level: III

Bow Enchant
Has a chance to summon lightning on your victim
Maximum level: III

Bat Vision
Helmet Enchant
Gives you infinite night vision
Maximum level: I

Demonic Aura
Armour Enchant
Has a chance of giving the wither effect to your attacker
Maximum level: V

Armour Enchant
Chance of evading damage (regardless of cause)
Maximum level: V

Armour Enchant
Restores the wearers health and hunger while walking / running
Maximum level: III

Arrow Rain
Bow Enchant
Spawns a barrage of arrows in the air after you hit a player with an arrow.
Maximum level: V

Bow Enchant
When hitting a player with an arrow they will receive a slowness debuff.
Maximum level: IV

Weapon Enchant
Hey guys,
After deep consideration, the management team and I have came to the decision that merging OreCraft servers into Flame Network is the best decision. Basically, OreCraft servers will be added to Flame Network and branded under Flame Network, so instead of an OreCraft Prison server it'd be a Flame Network Prison server.

Servers that OreCraft has: OPFactions, Prison, KitPvP, Skyblock, and Skywars.

Reasons for the merge:
  • I can bring you guys MORE new content & updates
  • More time for me, resulting in new content as stated before
  • More events and tournaments coming as I'll have more time
  • More fun with the new content
  • My time won't be split between two different networks
  • The money we spend on advertisements will be worth more of our money
  • This is less costly and will cost less for us as we pay several hundreds per month in just hosting costs for both networks.

  • Q: Will ranks and all purchases I've made be kept on the servers I bought them on?
  • A: Yes, of course! We will not take anything away!
  • Q: Which forum will be used?
  • A: This one, as OreCraft is merging into Flame Network.
  • Q: Which donation store will be used?
  • A: Flame's, and we will be adding all packages from OreCraft's store when OreCraft merges into Flame Network.
Merge Date: Early Friday morning on September 2nd.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please post them in the comments below!
Hey guys,
To reduce some costs and get better hardware (less TPS lag), we're going to be moving hosts to a less expensive host.

Transfer date: August 22, 2016

Note: There will NOT be any resets and the server will be back online an hour or so after it goes offline.
Hey guys,
The end world on bending will be reset on Friday, August 19th at 4:00 PM EST!