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    Hey guys,

    Progress Update
    As we announced the HCF project a few days ago, I figured it's about time to update everyone on the current situation! At the current stage, we're about 80% complete, and hope to be releasing sometime near the middle of July, 2017. With that being said, here's a FAQ I've put together based on questions asked by several community members.

    • Kit Map: Protection 2, Unbreaking 3, Sharpness 3
    • WorldBorder: 4k by 4k
    • Store: The prices for ranks and lives has been listed on our store. Rank perks and crate keys still need to be listed though.
    • 10 man factions.
    • Rules: these will be pretty lax, with only three rules. They've been setup primarily for an HCF type of community, as we understand it's a whole different type of community than a traditional server.
    • Version: 1.7 only. 1.8 clients will not be able to connect as 1.8 was the primary version for hacked clients to be released as in comparison to 1.7. Additionally, HCF is primarily a 1.7 version gamemode anyways.
    • For map #1, we're setting the slots to 300 players max.
    • YouTubers: If you know any decently sized YouTubers, please shoot me a forum PM. We're willing to pay based on channel size.
    If your question is still not answered, simply reply below and either myself, @Axsasel, @Flamed, or any other HCF staff member that I did not list will reply.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SteveTheDog, Jul 1, 2017.

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