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Lets break the ice!


Welcome to the first introduction post, lets break the ice!! My name is Mr_Coon0117, you can call me Coon! Lets each post something interesting about ourselves while we wait for the 5 hour countdown of release! It seems the staff have been working many months to make sure it is ready for us all and I deeply appreciate something like that...So I'll start it off!

FUN FACT; My minecraft name originated from myself being from the DEEP South Louisiana! I am a registered [email protected]$$ rofl! So then Mr_Coon was born!! hahah!

EDIT: I can't wait to connect with you all in-game tonight! It will be an adventure for sure! Please reach out to me with anything at all!
P.S Goodluck getting rid of me! heheh


Staff member
I guess let's keep this going, my name comes from Xbox 360. My old friend was named Positive Scores and my old account got hacked and unfortunately never got it back, so I made a new one. It was named Negative Scores and then eventually years later, I just wanted a cleaner named especially since I didn't play with him anymore so I named myself Negativiity on MC and different variations of that name on other platforms. :)