OPPrison Awakened: Launching Saturday, May 13th at 2:00 PM EST

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    Hey guys,

    OPPrison Awakened, the reset you've all been waiting for. It's no secret that our current OPPrison has several issues, which we aim to fix in this reset. The kits are reverted to how they used to be, along with some cool new features that we're introducing, which are displayed below. Reset date: Saturday, May 13th at 2:00 PM EST. Additionally, donator ranks can be reclaimed by doing /reclaim <rank>, when OPPrison Awakened launches.

    New features:
    • Prestige Crates
    • Completely revamped and new crates
    • Free world
    • Larger plots (64x64)
    • Custom enchants removed
    • New 1.9+ blocks and features. Please note that the PVP, regeneration, and golden/god apples are 1.8 style, no matter if you're in 1.11, 1.10, 1.9, or 1.8
    • Gangs have been fixed
    Of course, as with any reset, everything besides donator ranks and donator perks will be wiped. The data that will be wiped includes:
    • Inventories
    • XP
    • Money
    • Kits
    • Tokens
    • Vaults
    • Enderchests
    • Multipliers
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SteveTheDog, May 7, 2017.

  1. Snicks10
    Very exciting reset. Super stoked to be playing prison again.
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  2. BCrule
    Same as well, Snicks. Sounds like it's gonna be a blast!
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  3. Blazingpig2
    YES finnaly this was overdosed Wait what Well LOL xD THere's finnaly new areset for prison my fourth reset YAY atleast on prison :p So Hapy to ppaly
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    Plz don;t Lok at my speeliing Im a pro DWI
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  4. LeahPlaysMC
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  5. Jeremy
    Wait...I have to start from scratch again?
  6. SteveTheDog
    Yes, that is correct.
  7. Lowkey
    How will i get my /fly Back? with the /reclaim?
  8. SteveTheDog
    I'm going to gradually resend the commands on buycraft.
  9. Lowkey
    What happens if i don't get the /fly back? Do i get money back?
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    And i bought a multiplier will i get that too? What will happen if i don't?
  10. SteveTheDog
    You will get /fly back. Multipliers don't transfer, as said above.
  11. Lowkey
    Even the bought ones? Thats kinda bad because it sucks alot to buy something and not have it
  12. 169ms
    It's been that way for a while now. Any one-time purchase items including keys or multis aren't returned after a reset has taken place. In my personal opinion, the multis are outrageous and are a huge killer for the economy anyways.
  13. PenguinJames
    With the op gear and the op picks, if we brought those before, will we get them again with the reset?
  14. SteveTheDog

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